What Is 190 Migration Visa And Its Eligibility Criteria

We live in a world where immigration has been becoming more and more common and there are thousands of immigration agencies operating all over the world to help people settle down in their desired country and elevate their careers. One of the most visited country nowadays have to be Australia, and that is not only due to the numerous tourist spots it possess but also because of it is the land of opportunities. Every year there are thousands of people who visit Australia whether it is to earn bread for their family or to enroll in higher education.

Finding a job is not easy nowadays, that is why if you possess mastery in a specific field and you think you can excel in it then 190 Visa Migration may just be for you. It is also known as Skill Nominated Visa so if you are thinking to apply for it then it is important that you consult a 190 Visa Migration Agent, but before you do that here are some things which you need to know beforehand so you have a clue about it.

Skill Occupation List

Skill nominated visa is granted on the basis of you possessing the relevant skill. You can easily verify whether you have that skill or not through online lists or if you are unsure then you can even consult with a decent 190 visa migration agent. Nowadays with how tough the competition is it is important that you have an experienced agent by your side so they can help you prepare a strong application so you are able to present your case without having the fear of rejection.

Language and Test

One of the most important requirement for Skill Nominated Visa is to ensure that you are able to speak Basic English and clear the aptitude test. The criteria to clear the test is to ensure that you are able to secure at least 65 marks in it. If you are concerned about that then a 190 visa migration agent can further guide you on what you might need to possibly be prepared for while taking the test so you are able to clear it without any difficulties.

Cleared Debts and Character

If you are applying for the Skilled Nomination Visa you must ensure that you do not owe any debts to the Australian Government. Moreover, your character is going to be thoroughly scrutinised by the Australian Government to make sure whether you meet the eligibility criteria for it or not.
That is why having an experienced 186 visa agent Perth by your side can be extremely helpful. Not only you can discuss all of your concerns with them but also know which aspect might potentially get in the way so you are able to solve it so you are able to elevate your career and live your dream life.