This pregnancy and the child inside it are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s not always lovely to be pregnant, especially if you don’t feel glowing or glamorous. It can be intimidating to think of having all your lumps and bumps captured in photos. It might be challenging to accept the “glowy” praises when you feel anything but when you feel sleepy, weary, and puffy. The fact is, though, that you can be both. You may feel sluggish, exhausted, big, lumpy, and swollen, yet still brilliant, shining, and stunning. You can, I assure you. Inside of you, life is being created. Your body is working extraordinarily hard to make room for your child. We are on a mission to encourage mothers to appreciate their bodies with maternity photography Melbourne

It also helps that we don’t spend the entire session taking pictures of you cradling your bump sometimes, all that’s required is a simple hand rub on the area of your body that gets kicked the most. Instead, I want to record your partner’s soft touches on your bump, their excess holding of you, your glow, your joy, and your enthusiasm. It will never again be just like this. You and I both want to accurately portray how that feels rather than just how it seems. 

Maternity session Outdoor 

A session lasting 60 minutes for you, your partner, and your kid. Sessions take place outside at dawn or dusk. All retouched digital shots of maternity photography Melbourne will be delivered to you via an online gallery, from which you can download a print- and web-resolution copy of the images to keep forever. A credit to print twenty of your favorite images as matte art prints is also included. These prints will be delivered right to your door. 

 Maternity Studio session 

A private session lasting 60 minutes to celebrate all the amazing things your body is capable of. Sessions take place in my studio, which has natural light. All edited digital shots will be sent to you via an online gallery where you may download a print- and web-resolution copy of the images to keep forever. For an extra cost, you are invited to bring your partner and children. 

Simply natural and lovely 

It is precisely as clear and simple, genuine, and natural as it sounds. Baby photography Melbourne has no pumpkins, accessories, or crowns with us since babies are simply gorgeous in their natural state. 

Instead, it’s about capturing your new family exactly as it is and delivering you pictures that will make you cry repeatedly. It’s more important to set aside some focused time without interruptions to just savor all those little moments, enjoy warm and drowsy cuddles, and tender kisses, and breathe in that lovely new-baby smell. It’s less about uncomfortably grinning for the camera. It’s important to capture the feeling as well as the appearance of the moment so that you can remember it every time you look at the images. Baby photography Melbourne brings you back to that precise time and place. It’s strong, moving, and engaging. It’s unquestionably not corny, awkward, or monotonous. Contact us to book your session today 

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